Workshop on IoT Data Interoperability

Type: Webinar


Date and Time
Monday 08 October 2018, 09:00 - 17:00

Alan Carlton of InterDigital will participate on behalf of oneM2M in workshop on IoT Data Interoperability as part of the Standards of the Internet of Things project, hosted by Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition Research.

In 2017, the Institute launched the project Standards for the Internet of Things. The project aims at assessing the economic, legal and regulatory aspects of standards and standard essential IPRs in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). In the framework of this project the Institute is organizing a series of workshops.

One of the workshop’s panels shall deal more specifically with “Data and API Standardization”. In this session the aim is to acquire the technical and data-specific knowledge to fully understand the significance of data and API standards as well as the characteristics of standardization processes in this field.