Technical Plenary 54

Type: oneM2M Meeting

Date and Time

From Monday 9 May 2022
To Friday 13 May 2022


Hybrid meeting held in the ETSI premises:

ETSI Main Building
650 Route des Lucioles
06921 Sophia Antipolis

More information at ETSI - HQ Sophia Antipolis, contact details, travel, hotels, transport, visa

If you have a oneM2M portal account please register for the meeting via the on-line registration.
Alternatively login to the portal, select the Meeting tab and click on the “R” for registration next to the TP 54 meeting.

If you do not already have a oneM2M portal account please apply via the oneM2M portal and request a username and password using the link on the bottom left of the home page (Get login ID).

Please note that this is a ‘hybrid’ meeting and dial-in facilities will be available at certain times throughout the week.