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Membership FAQ

Question: How can I become active in oneM2M?
Answer: See How to join page.

Question: Could you clarify the process for joining oneM2M? Does an organization nominate itself to join oneM2M? Can an organization determine which partnership level it would join at, or is that determined by the current members of oneM2M?
Answer: The application process depends on the profile of your organization. For details please see the How to join page.

Question: Could you clarify how patents and copyright ownership are addressed under oneM2M?
Answer: Section 7 and Annex 1 of the Partnership Agreement address intellectual property rights.
As stated in Section 7.1, Partners Type 1 jointly own the copyrights to oneM2M Technical Specifications and Technical Reports.
While Partners Type 2 and oneM2M Members would retain any copyright they may have in contributed materials, Section 7.5 of the Partnership Agreement explains that, in order to allow the development and dissemination of oneM2M Technical Specifications and Technical Reports, it is necessary that each Partner Type 2 and oneM2M member contributing to the technical work of oneM2M grant a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, nonexclusive license to: (i) incorporate text, graphics or other material whether oral or written from the contributed material in oneM2M Technical Specifications and Technical Reports; and (ii) publish the contributed material in Technical Specifications and Technical Reports and in the resulting Partners Type 1 deliverables, which may include translation or derivative thereof.
Essential patent disclosures are addressed primarily in Annex 1. Under the IPR principles governing oneM2M work described in this Annex, it is noted that all Partners Type 1 have IPR policies that support a FRAND IPR regime. oneM2M Members are required to comply with the policies of the admitting Partner(s) Type 1 IPR policy(ies) related to the disclosure of Essential IPRs and the availability of FRAND licenses. For more information, see Article 4.1 and Annex 1 of the Partnership Agreement.

Question: Does oneM2M have a policy to address competing standards projects?
Answer: Under Section 3.1 of the Partnership Agreement, all oneM2M Partners Type 1 shall avoid the development of work that overlaps the work of oneM2M to prevent fragmentation of a global oneM2M solution. In addition, as noted in Section 11, all oneM2M Participants are encouraged to provide reports on related M2M activities and to work toward the harmonization of M2M solutions wherever possible.
There is no specific oneM2M policy regarding competing standards projects undertaken by organizations that are not oneM2M Partners. It is anticipated that the oneM2M Partners would reach out to such organizations to encourage a harmonized global M2M solution.

Question: Is there an adoption process for oneM2M specifications where there are multiple SDOs within a country?
Answer: As noted in Section 3.1 of the Partnership Agreement, Partners Type 1 convert/transpose/publish relevant Technical Specifications and Technical Reports resulting from the work in oneM2M into its own relevant deliverables through the Partner's normal processes. As also noted in this section, Partners Type 1 in the same geographic region may coordinate such conversion/transposition/publication in that region to avoid unnecessary duplication.

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