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Standards for M2M and the Internet of Things

TR-0045 Procedures Introduction

In order to implement the presented use case based on oneM2M, required procedures are classified and shown below. This clause focuses on the core semantic aspects. Typical common aspects such as the creation of appropriate access control policies are not included. The interested reader is referred to other developer guides, e.g. oneM2M TR‑0025 Application developer guide

  • Application Registration: This procedure contains sensor application registration and smartphone application registration.

  • Initial resource creation: This procedure contains container resources creation and contentInstance resources creation.

  • Semantic descriptor resource creation: This procedure shows the creation of semantic descriptor resources by a smartphone application that is annotating the resources created earlier by the sensor applications.

  • Semantic discovery of relevant sensor resources: This procedure shows how all sensor applications that fit the semantic filter criteria specified in SPARQL are discovered by a smartphone application.

  • Retrieval of semantic descriptor and sensor information: This procedure shows how the smartphone application first retrieves the semantic descriptor resources of the discovered resource and then, based on the information contained in the semantic descriptor, retrieves the contentInstance resource containing the latest sensor reading.

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