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oneM2M's almost 200 members form a broad cross-section of the M2M and the Internet of Things.

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About oneM2M

Ray Forbes Bio


Educated at Loughborough University of Technology between 1977 and 1984, Dr. R.C.Forbes Ph.D. MBCS joined Plessey Telecommunications where he worked on Software Engineering and Analysis. He is appointed as Vice Chairman of the ETSI TC M2M and Working Group Chairman of the WG03 in oneM2M on M2M Protocols in the global Standards Partnership Project. Also he is appointed as Leader of the M2M Service Enablement & Utilities Standardization in LM Ericsson.

Enrico Scarrone Bio

Enrico Scarrone joined in CSELT (now Telecom Italia LAB), the R&D division of the Telecom Italia Group in 1992.

He contributed to several main research projects during the 90's and subsequently to several standardization activities in ETSI, ITU-T, ATM Forum, 3GPP (SA, SA1, CT, RAN and RAN), 3G.IP, including chairmanships in 3GPP and ETSI) in the fields of ATM, signalling, mobile systems and their integration with IP.

Participation and promotion of several early studies on integration of IP and mobile cellular networks has permitted to participate from the beginning to the work of 3G.IP, and indirectly to stimulate the work on release 2000 in 3GPP about the all-IP solution and the Multimedia Network principles. 
At the same time he was involved in in several Telecom Italia projects in technology planning and selection, including network budget forecasts, RFI, RFQ and testing, mainly in the mobile and fixed mobile convergence fields. This has allowed him to keep a strong link between real networks and standardization/research.

This includes roll out of GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, EV-DO, Fixed broadband, FMC, IMS and other technologies in Austria, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Brasil, Peru', Indonesia, and technical consulting in several other countries including Venezuela, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He is participating to 3GPP SA1, dealing with service and operational requirements in 3GPP mobile systems, where served as Chairman from 1996 to end 2011.

Thomas Li Bio

Li Li received his Bachelor’s degree of radio technologies from Xi’an Jiaotong University, and his Master of Business Administrations from Tsing Hua University. He has worked at Huawei for 18 years, with experiences on Wireless product Development, R&D information system and document center management, business re-engineering of R&D processes, standardization, industry promotion and corporate strategy. For the past decade, Mr. Li has distinguished himself as the standard policy-maker and a technology strategist inside the company. He created the Standardization & Industry Dept. as one of the original founders, and has cultivated some core members of the standard teams. He was a leader on Huawei’s overall standard strategy and standard policies on IMT-2000, WiMAX, service network, IMT-Advanced, M2M and 5G. As a core member of corporate strategy circle, He has taken part in corporate-level technology strategies in recent years.

As a Director of the Standardization and Industry, Mr. Li is responsible for policies on 3GPP, IEEE, WiMAX Forum, ITU-R WP5D (past as WP8F), GSMA, GCF, NGMN and 3GPP2. He is also responsible for standard strategies of major projects including WiMAX, LTE/SAE/IMS, IMT-Advanced, NGSON, WRC-15 spectrum, M2M, NG-WiFi and 5G. Besides these areas, his management scope also covered IPTV, MPEG, ITU-T SG16 & SG12. He is a member of WiMAX Forum Board of Directors from 2009 to 2012, a member of IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group (CaG) in 2007-2009, a member of IEEE-SA BoG International Ad Hoc in 2009, a member of IEEE-SA NesCom in 2010, a member of IEEE-SA Standards Board in 2011-2012, the HoD of CCSA in oneM2M preparation in 2011-2012, and the Vice Chair of oneM2M Sterring Committee from 2012 till now.
Recently he changed his major direction from wireless communication to fixed communication, IT standardization, open source and industry promotion / ecosystem building.

Puneet Jain Bio


Puneet Jain is a Lead Systems Architect in the Mobile and Communications Group at Intel Corporation since March, 2001.

At Intel he is driving research and standardization on MAC, RAN, end-to-end network architecture for mobile broadband technologies. His responsibilities include architecting and standardization of Machine to Machine (M2M), design and driving development choices for 3GPP LTE systems.

Puneet has 17 years of experience in telecom and wireless industry. He has been actively involved in oneM2M and contributed to oneM2M Functional Architecture and oneM2M-3GPP interworking aspects. He is also an active contributor to 3GPP SA WG2 and rapporteur of several work items on Machine Type Communication (MTC). In his previous roles at Intel, he was chairman of WiMAX-3GPP interworking subteam at WiMAX Forum, involved in design and development of ATM RAN reference implementation for Intel Network Processors, and standardization of ATM Functional API at Network Processing Forum.

Prior to Intel, he worked at Center for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) in India where he led a team for design and development for Mobility Management and BSS Application Protocol for GSM MSC/VLR and was key contributor to technical evaluation and network configuration of C-DoT MSC/VLR during launch of Indian Mobile Personal communication Services (IMPCS) by Department of Telecommunications, Government of India.

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