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Standards for M2M and the Internet of Things

Procedures - Introduction

This use case demonstrates the following oneM2M procedures:

  1. Registration: The current procedure contains light application registration, gateway application registration, and accessControlPolicy resource creation for a selective access to data storage resources.

  2. Initial resource creation: The current procedure contains group resource creation, container resources creation with specific access control policies, content instance resources creation with initial light states, subscription resources creation for notifications.

  3. Discovery of Container resource: all containers with a specific filter criteria are discovered by the gateway application and then configured as members of a group resource.

  4. Discovery and retrieval of lights states: all containers with a specific filter criteria are discovered and retrieved using resource identities through a smartphone application which gains access to oneM2M service platform so content information can be retrieved.

  5. Single light switch on/off: Any light that is discovered by and connected to the smartphone application is able to be switched on and off via a smartphone application.

  6. Multiple lights switch on/off: Multiple lights that are discovered are able to be switched on and off together via a smartphone application.


For each of the above procedures, a call flow as well as example oneM2M requests and responses are provided. These requests and responses are given in terms of a oneM2M HTTP protocol binding with XML and JSON content serializations.

Following is the nomenclature which will be used in the examples through the remainder of the guide:

  • in-cse: CSE-ID of the IN-CSE
  • server: name of the CSEBase resource of the IN-CSE
  • mn-cse: CSE-ID of the MN-CSE
  • home_gateway: name of the CSEBase resource of the MN-CSE

Details of IN-CSE and MN-CSE:

  • IN-CSE HTTP port: 8080
  • MN-CSE HTTP port: 8080



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