oneM2M's Candidate Specifications on M2M/IoT Communications Now Open for Comments

In making this Candidate Release available for public comment, oneM2M is looking forward to receiving industry input on these foundation specifications for an M2M Service Layer which will enable scalable global deployment of M2M/IoT implementations and which aims at interoperability with existing standards.

oneM2M is working to ensure broad cross-industry segment applicability of the Service Layer specifications, and invites interested parties to review the Candidate Release documents and provide comments which will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the initial Release by oneM2M.

With the public comment phase scheduled to end 01 November 2014 the updated initial Release of oneM2M specifications will be approved by the oneM2M Technical Plenary in January 2015 for publication by the oneM2M Partner standards development organizations.  

The upcoming 13th oneM2M Technical Plenary will be hosted by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) in Phoenix, Arizona U.S., from 22 â " 26 September 2014.

Full text of the press release (PDF)