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We are proud to have featured in some of the most prestigious industry publications covering all topics from the Internet of Things to M2M technology. Some of the respected media outlets in which we have featured include: IoT News, IEEE IoT Magazine, Standards News etc.

Here is a selection of press and news articles related to oneM2M.


Discourse on Development (India), January 2024

EU Ambassador to India Hon. Hervé Delphin visits IIIT Hyderabad's Smart City Living Lab and Center of Excellence CoE on IoT and oneM2M

The Learning Factory at Penn State University (USA),
December 2023


 Cellular-based IoT Device Management following oneM2M Standard project demonstrates the use of cellular data on a cellular receiver transceiver to forward smart architecture calls from local devices not capable of cellular communication
Short video demonstration of cellular based IoT device management following oneM2M

Economic Times (India)
October 2023

Vodafone India completes testing of over 50 IoT devices and certification based on oneM2M and 3GPP standards at the IoT Lab that it has set up with the Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT)

Electronic Times Internet (S. Korea)
October 2023

Korea Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) will introduce achievements related to oneM2M at S. Korea's 2023 AIoT  Promotion Week.

Electronic Times Internet (S. Korea)
October 2023

N-MAS, a oneM2M based IoT platform developed and commercialized by nTels (S. Korea) won the Telecommunications Technology Association of Korea's 2023 AIoT Innovation Grand Prize

Pipeline Publishing September 2023

AI and Analytics for IoT

Pipeline Publishing
July 2023

How Connected Devices will Remake IoT Systems

Information and Communication Newspaper 
(Korea Information and Communication Corporation Association) 
June 2023

KETI Completes 'Mobius Developer Competition' and 22 Teams Showcase IoT Application Services

BizWire Express
May 2023

oneM2M specifications approved by more than 190 ITU member countries as ITU standard to simplify IoT adoption

EE News Europe
April 2023

'Horizontal' IoT Implementations

Journal du Net
March 2023

L'IoT, barrière aux catastrophes naturelles

Pipeline Publishing
February 2023

Looking Ahead to IoT Trends for 2023

International Institute of Information Technology (Hyderabad)
blog post
January 2023

IITH's Smart City team wins Best Technology award in Korean hackathon

The Fast Mode
January 2023

Standardization is Key for Metaverse Success
ETSI Enjoy!
January 2023
Research and Innovation in IoT Standardization
IEEE Xplore, November 2022

Analysis of Use Cases Enabling AI/ML to IOT Service Platforms

IoT expectations in 2023
November 2022

What to Expect with IoT in 2023 - Architecture&Governance

ETSI Enjoy!
October 2022

The latest ETSI Enjoy! publication devotes three articles to IoT and the impact of oneM2M standardization, ten years after the launch of oneM2M

IoT for all
October 2022

The IoT for All community recently published an article on the need for efficient message payload techniques to improve the performance of constrained IoT devices and sensors. It presents the benefits of common service functions (CSFs)

IoT devices & cyber threats
August 2022

This is how enterprises can protect their IoT devices from cyber threats - BizzBuzz

Making IoT Intelligent
July 2022

Internet of Things (IoT) systems involve combinations of connected devices and sensors.

IoT and Sustainability
April 2022

IoT technologies provide the building blocks to address sustainability goals

IEEE Region 10 International Conference TENCON 2021
December 2021

Electric Vehicle Charging Station using Open Charge Point Protocol (OCCP) and oneM2M Platform for Enhanced Functionality

Journal of Internet Services & Applications December 2021

Interoperability between OPC UA and oneM2M

IoT and Sustainability
June 2021

Peggy Smedley show - IoT and Sustainability

IoT For All
June 2021

Building IoT Systems with Reusable Tools

Architecture & Governance Magazine
May 2021

Using IoT to Promote Sustainability

April 2021

Global competition for leadership positions in Standards Development Organizations

March 2021
GCF Mobile Device Trends report reveals rapid adoption of 5G
Architecture & Governance Magazine
March 2021
An Architectural Framework for End-to-End IoT Systems
Architecture & Governance Magazine
March 2021
Interoperability Releases the Full Value of IoT Data
Architecture & Governance Magazine
March 2021
A Functional Roadmap for IoT Security
February 2021
Hamburg deploys oneM2M smart city standards to go greener
IEEE Communications Standards
September 2020
Emerging Requirements and New Tools to Manage IoT DataManage IoT Data (pages 9-10)
Indico - ICT Standards
September 2020
Japan IoT International Symposium 2020
eeNews Europe
September 2020
ETSI extends IoT interoperability specifications to new areas
IoT News
August 2020
Shifting smart priorities amid the Covid-19 pandemic: A guide
Satellite Evolution Asia
August 2020
The importance of IoT Standardisation (pages 22-28)
Standards News
June 2020
Building a Flexible Standard to Deliver a Thriving IoT Ecosystem
Standards News
June 2020
Building the Standards for an IoT Future: Introducing oneM2M
May 2020
Transport for West Midlands Selects Chordant for Major Software Contract
ETSI Enjoy Magazine
April 2020
Smart and steady progress towards a standardized IoT ecosystem
14 April 2020
Building the foundations of a smarter future with standards
17 March 2020
Why it's time to break down boundaries to unleash the full potential of IoT
IoT Agenda
16 March 2020
Making smart cities smarter by using a standardized approach
10 January 2020
Look to the Future for Setting the IoT Standard
3 January 2020
New Standards and Best Practices Aim to Transform IoT, IIoT
ETSI Enjoy Magazine
January 2020
A ‘systems’ approach for connected and intelligent transport solutions (page 21)
12 December 2019
Connected transport – a systems-based approach
25 November 2019
IoT industry benefits from practical boost forward with global oneM2M developer training sessions
29 September 2019
Chordant to Demonstrate New IoT Services That Optimize and Protect Mobile NetworksIoT Services That Optimize and Protect Mobile Networks
21 September 2019
No Harm to networks
Chonggang’s IEEE Feature
16 September 2019
Breaching Boundaries and Building Frameworks - Tapping into Future IoT Industry Growth with oneM2M
Design Spark
21 August 2019
5G is here but the challenges are just beginning
8 August 2019
Evolution of oneM2M IoT Standardization
Digitalisation World
30 July 2019
Maximise the full potential of Smart Cities with standardisation
16 July 2019
The long road to unified IoT standards
GCF Blog
1 July 2019
GCF adds mobile-industry scale to IoT standardisation
IoT Agenda
18 June 2019
Is your organization in IoT for the short or long haul?
TMC News
13 June 2019
India-EU ICT Standardisation Cooperation Project Supports Centre of Excellence (CoE) on IoT for Smart Cities at IIIT-Hyderabad
EIS News
14 May 2019
International Expert Runs Digital Living Lab Hackathon
Illawarra Mercury
9 May 2019
Hackathon in Wollongong sees university student teams develop smart solutions for cities for cities around the world
Mirage News
9 May 2019
Hackathon tests skills in future-proofing
European Union External Action
22 April 2019
European Union along with Pune Smart City organizes Hackathon to develop solutions for smart cities
Critical Comms
17 April 2019
oneM2M receives IoT standards award
India-EU ICT Standardisation
16 April 2019
3rd Hackathon Pune
Virtual Strategy Magazine
7 April 2019
European Union along with Pune Smart City organizes Hackathon to develop solutions for smart cities
IoT Agenda
22 March 2019
Emerging frameworks for cross-silo IoT data models
March 2019
Release 3: a whole new world for mobile operators
5 March 2019
oneM2M’s Smart Device Template enables seamless control of smart home devices
IoT Agenda
27 February 2019
Breaking down the silos to enable full potential of IoT
27 February 2019
An IoT standard for more innovation: T-Mobile Austria and Deutsche Telekom demonstrate their first oneM2M prototype
27 February 2019
Deutsche Telekom showcases first oneM2M IoT prototype
Deutsche Telekom
18 February 2019
Deutsche Telekom launches the IoT Solution Optimizer – the world’s most advanced IoT solutions shelf
15 February 2019
ATIS Brings Open Source oneM2M Support to Embedded Cellular IoT Modules | ATIS Insights
Telecom Paper
1 February 2019
InterDigital spins off IoT software unit Chordant
Radio Resource Media Group
24 January 2019
ETSI Sets Specs for Smart City Data Sharing
IoT Now
24 January 2019
Important to control services that deliver IoT solutions, says oneM2M
India-EU ICT Standards
29 October 2018
IIIT-Hyderabad hosted a developer tutorial and hackathon
6 July 2018
LG CNS Unveils IoT-linked Platform for Smart City
IoT Agenda
6 July 2018
Interoperability is key to boosting Industry 4.0
5 July 2018
LG CNS announces CityHub platform for smart city management
Total Telecom
7 June 2018
oneM2M expands interoperability testing in response to huge IoT growth
African Wireless Communications
May 2018
oneM2M in the African Wreless Yearbook 2018
May 2018
AUTOPILOT To Set The Requirements For Vehicular Domain In oneM2M
22 May 2018
ATIS Successfully Tests Its OS-IoT Software Over LTE, Bringing the Power of oneM2M to Lightweight Applications
23 May 2018
Putting the IoT vs. ITS debate to rest
May 2018
How a Standards-Based Approach Can Boost LPWA Revenue
Thinking Cities
30 April 2018
Smart Cities, thinking horizontally - Interview of Ken Figueredo
27 April 2018
Smart to Future Cities: Defining the Perfect Solution
Product Design & Development
27 April 2018
Time to Think Horizontally if the Industry Wants to Boost Confidence in IoT
24 April 2018
 ATIS Is a Proud Internet of Things North America Supporting Organization
IT Briefing
29 March 2018
Global Telematics Report
27 March 2018
Catalina Mladin Receives Award From OneM2M For Outstanding Contributions
Tech Target. IoT Agenda
21 March 2018
Why interoperability is key to building confidence in IoT
19 March 2018
InterDigital Announces Successful oneM2M Hackathon Dallas 2018
IoT Now Magazine
13 March 2018
Data-driven, future-proof, scalable, secure are the key attributes of mature IoT servicesata-driven, future-proof, scalable, secure are the key attributes of mature IoT services
Smart Buildings lmagazine
12 March 2018
The smart way to smart cities begins with buildings
RCR Wireless News
2 March 2018
Test and Measurement: Test highlights from MWC
The Week
12 February 2018
oneM2M Hackathon: App developers to battle out for a trip to Estonia
Connect World
November 2017
Industry-wide collaboration is key if the IoT is to grow
Business Insider
6 November 2017
Successful Completion of InnovateUK Integrated Transport Project
ITU news
24 October 2017
What is ‘cloud-native IoT’ and why does it matter?
23 October 2017
New Eclipse Member Orange and Deutsche Telekom demonstrate joint initiative on oneM2M based cloud APIs for Smart Home and consumer IoT
Network Communications News
13 October 2017
Cross Town Traffic! oneM2M looks to drive the smart cities of the future
ITU news
3 October 2017
Convergence matters for the IoT: How can standards contribute?
oneM2M covered in IEC Whitepaper
September 2017
Egde Intelligence
Business Wire
27 September 2017
The Industrial Internet Consortium and oneM2M partner on IIoT
Issue 29 - 2017
Standards are the smart option for cities
Northern African Wireless Communications
June-July 2017
Getting on top of Smart Cities (pages 17-23)
ITU News
27 july 2017
Why cities need guidelines to monetize IoT data
PC Mag
17 March 2017
How to Build a Business-Ready Internet of Things: Standardization
IoT Evolution
2 December 2016
Interconnecting the Internet of Things: The Key to Fulfilling the Promise of the IoT Age
IHS Technology Blog
11 November 2016
A new approach to connecting the IoT
Wireless Magazine
27 October 2016
Establishing a global interconnected IoT society
RCR Wireless News
10 0ctober 2016
Test and Measurement: Companies expand IoT testing capabilities
6 October 2016
OneM2M releases next round of specs, marking ‘major milestone’ for IoT
IoT Evolution Magazine
3 October 2016
IoT Ecosystem Expands with New Standards From oneM2M
European Conference on Networks and Communications
June 2016

oneM2M architecture based IoT framework for mobile crowd sensing in smart cities

24 June 2016
Can Samsung's $1.2 billion investment launch the era of 'human-centered' IoT?

The Fast Mode
14 August 2014

Despite the proliferation in the number of standards governing the Internet-of-Things (IoT), open standards are expected to take centerstage and will be defining most IoT devices and applications in the future. Machina Research conclude that oneM2M should become the de facto reference framework for interfacing between multiple communications networks.

Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning - Ministries of the Republic of Korea
8 May 2014 

"South Korea's Master Plan for the Internet of Things Market" highlights the challenges facing small and medium sized businesses and the importance of oneM2M standards in enabling hyper-connected and digital systems

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