oneM2M selects TTA as its global testing and certification organisation

As oneM2M’s global certification body, TTA will provide certification and testing services to oneM2M members as well as to non-members that have implemented oneM2M solutions.

It has already developed test specifications, certification test equipment, certification logos and the official oneM2M certification homepage.

TTA has also secured the latest test certification technology through its interoperability event jointly held twice a year with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). With the launch, Korean companies KT Corporation, SK Telecom, KEPKO and NTELS, have been awarded the first official certification for four of their products.

Looking towards the future, TTA will continue to help expanding the certification services by testing new standards developed by the oneM2M working groups, which will benefit the IoT and M2M industry significantly.
TTA has been providing a oneM2M certification service since 2014 to ensure compatibility of oneM2M products and as the official oneM2M testing and certification organisation, will continue to expand the testing and certification service by keeping up-to-date with oneM2M standards and further collaborate with overseas testing institutes to provide feedback on the standards.
Following the announcement, TTA President Park-Jae-Moon said: “TTA’s cooperation with oneM2M has made the world’s first global certification system in the IoT field. In the second half of this year, TTA will provide testing and certification services for various IoT technologies leading the global market by opening the Global IoT test Certification Centre.”

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