IoT Week Korea highlights oneM2M standard

The Seoul Government in Korea has defined the IoT as 'the fourth industrial revolution' and has been promoting various schemes to secure a new growth strategy to be able to cope with the rapid pace of its expansion. Held at the COEX Convention Hall, in Seoul, from October 10-13, IoT Week Korea aimed to bring together as many IoT players as possible to focus on the next steps for growth of the IoT in Korea and across Asia.

oneM2M featured in the presentations given during the conference, as well as the exhibition, where oneM2M partner Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) received a large number of visitors, including the Vice Ministers and Director from the Ministry of Science and ICT, as well as interest in oneM2M standards and the oneM2M certification program run by TTA. In addition to exhibiting, TTA also sponsored three SMEs which have implemented oneM2M specifications in their services, including:

â ¢ WISE-IoT, which has developed a smart city model that provides parking recommendation and bus information service based on artificial intelligence

â ¢ NTELS, which offers business data integration operational support solutions, LTE / 3G core network equipment and operates as an IoT platform and service provider.

â ¢ M2MTech, which provides safety solutions for various industry sectors and safety diagnosis by collecting and analysing data.

In total, more than 200 companies participated in the event, with other oneM2M exhibitors including the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI), which showcased real-time monitoring and status analysis technology for automobiles and intelligent fire alarm technology utilising edge intelligence via its Mobius Platform which complies with the oneM2M standard. It also demonstrated a smart city application and a smart aquarium.

AERIX Co., Ltd. also exhibited, presenting its IoT Smart Dust Collector System based on KETI's Mobius-based oneM2M standard. By applying the 'Smart IoT dust collector' to a large steel mill in Korea, it has reduced power consumption by 85% or more, reducing electric power costs by more than 30 million won annually.

IoT Week Korea is an annual event and 2018 IoT Week Korea will be held from September 12-14 at COEX Convention Hall in Seoul. It is expected that more oneM2M-based systems and solutions will be presented at next year's event and TTA will again sponsor SMEs to participate in the exhibition.