Enabling Multi-access Edge Computing in the Internet-of-Things

Sophia Antipolis, France, 18 July 2023

oneM2M and ETSI's MEC Industry Specification Group (ISG) have published a White Paper (WP) entitled, “Enabling Multi-access Edge Computing in Internet of Things: how to deploy ETSI MEC and oneM2M”. The WP stems from a collaborative effort across 3GPP and oneM2M communities. In effect, it brings together mobile communications, via the multi access edge component, and IoT disciplines. The WP contains an assessment of how to enable Multi-access Edge Computing in IoT by deploying ETSI MEC and oneM2M components. Smart factories, automotive scenarios and edge deployments involving constrained devices are example use cases discussed in this WP.

In addition to confirming synergies between ETSI MEC and oneM2M IoT platforms, the WP presents several joint deployment options which are likely to lead to further collaborations, including the use of joint open-source implementations. An additional step will involve studying the deployment of a oneM2M edge platform onto an ETSI MEC platform as an MEC application. Such tight integration will drive benefits in areas such as application on-boarding and instantiation, for example, and from additional MEC service APIs. In terms of key technologies for 5G and beyond, tighter integration will also help to attain higher KPI levels for low-latency and network efficiency metrics.

The WP can be accessed HERE.