oneM2M developer forum and tools


oneM2M developer forum and tools

To simplify the process of developing IoT systems using oneM2M standards, oneM2M maintains this site with links to community forums and developer tools. oneM2M takes a neutral position on available tools and makes no recommendations among academic, commercial and open-source offerings. The table below contains links to external sites over which oneM2M has no control.



oneM2M on StackOverflow

StackOverflow provides a discussion forum for developers to exchange information and advice on implementing oneM2M specifications.

oneM2M VIdeo Tutorial Course (14 parts)

This is a 14-part introductory tutorial on oneM2M presented by the Korea Electronics Technology Institute and available via oneM2M’s YouTube channel


This is a 17-part course about the Internet of Things and oneM2M. It covers introductory concepts, features of oneM2M, exercises and information on deployment and scaling topics. The course results from a collaboration between the Indian Institute of Information Technology (Hyderabad), two standards bodies (ETSI and TSDSI), and the India-EU ICT Standardisation Collaboration project.

oneM2M Tutorials

This set of tutorials and tools provides the basic elements to build a simple IoT system and to test it using a simulated device. It covers the following applications:

  • IoT Dashboard
  • oneM2M IoT Device Simulator
  • oneM2M IoT Application
  • oneM2M IoT Device

oneM2M on to integrate an IoT device into a oneM2M platform


The tutorial shows how to integrate an nodeMCU IoT device (having tilt sensor and LED) into a oneM2M IoT Platform.

oneM2M Tutorial on using simulated devices

oneM2M tutorial using simulated devices to connect to a oneM2M platform

oneM2M luminosity control demo on

oneM2M demonstration using ESP8266 NodeMCU board and NodeJS application to enable lighting control based on luminosity level using a oneM2M platform

Find oneM2M Short Names

This is an Alfred workflow that allows developers to search for oneM2M attribute long and short names.


The above list is not exhaustive - if you are aware of any available projects using oneM2M and which isn't listed here, please inform the oneM2M Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..