oneM2M and OMA Team Up at M2M Evolution Event in Las Vegas

"oneM2M is working to unify the global M2M community by developing a cost-effective, widely-available service layer that meets the needs of both the communications industry and our vertical industry members implementing M2M solutions," said Richard Brennan, MARCOM Chair at oneM2M.

"M2M Evolution offers us an excellent venue to reach out to others in the M2M space, including other industry associations and forums, and their members, who are interested in cooperating to build global solutions that extend interoperability, enhance security and reliability, and future-proof service offerings by reducing industry fragmentation."

The need for a common M2M service layer that can be readily embedded within various hardware and software, and relied upon to connect the myriad of devices in the field with M2M application servers worldwide is the session's core topic. Various roles within the M2M ecosystem will be covered including the carriers who need to manage connectivity, hardware vendors who need to build hardware and get it network-ready and certified, developers and integrators who need to make sure applications work across platforms, and standards development organizations who must produce specifications that promote interoperability across the ecosystem.  

Chaired by Carl Ford of Crossfire Media, the panel will include Richard Brennan; Eshwar Pittampalli, Market Development Director at OMA; Adam Gould, CEO at Sensinode and Bill Conley, Cellular and Proprietary RF Device Product Manager at B&B Electronics. Panelists will discuss how standardization can address issues such as the range of data streams in M2M combined with the legacy of carrier interfaces, the need for interoperability across vertical markets, the need for systems that share information better, and the need to reduce certification complexity.  

"As the leader in developing service layer standards for the mobile industry, OMA has responded to market demand in the M2M area, understanding that a common set of standards for managing devices on a variety of networks is not just a nice option, but a mandatory approach," said Gary K. Jones, Board Chairman at OMA.  "The M2M Evolution event is a great opportunity for OMA to show our support of oneM2M's goals, and it gives OMA the chance to demonstrate how we are contributing applicable OMA service enablers such as OMA Device Management and OMA Lightweight M2M to oneM2M specifications."

M2M Evolution is a unique event focused on transferring knowledge between industries so all businesses can benefit from M2M.  M2M Evolution continues to grow and evolve as the abilities to use sensors to make better business-intelligent decisions comes across both in our discussion of business-to-business applications and the use of M2M to connect with the consumer.  

"We are excited that oneM2M is participating in the event. The beauty of oneM2M is its outreach to other industry bodies, such as OMA, to deliver solutions for all industries.  Like oneM2M, M2M Evolution does not stop with helping carriers to deploy, but also helps enterprises to yield results," said Carl Ford, CEO of CrossfireMedia.  

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