IoT standardisation efforts recognised as oneM2M awards industry contributors

Volunteers from British Telecom (BT), C-DOT, Hyundai Motors and ETSI were presented with Technical Excellence Awards

Sophia Antipolis, France, 09 November 2020: The efforts of individuals making a significant contribution towards the realisation of a standardised Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, making the IoT interoperable and harmonious, have been recognised by oneM2M.

At the project’s recent virtual Technical Plenary meeting, four Technical Excellence awards were presented to individuals who, contributing as volunteers, have significantly helped develop oneM2M projects including the upcoming Release 4 international IoT standard.

Lee MinByeong, research engineer at Hyundai Motors, was presented with his award for his participation on issues such as data privacy regulation. As a delegate from the vehicle industry, his active involvement in oneM2M’s projects have helped increase its recognition as a common IoT platform for multiple verticals including the vehicle domain.

Laurent Velez, Technical Expert at ETSI was presented his award in recognition of his work on developer guides, developer tutorials and hackathons and as the Rapporteur for at least five deliverables and numerous Work Items.  Laurent, often referred to as ‘Mr. oneM2M’, has travelled the world promoting oneM2M as a highly experienced and well recognised ambassador for the initiative.

Colin Blanchard, IT Security Consultant at BT was given an award for his complete body of work on security related contributions dating back to the early days of oneM2M. In particular, his work on getting TS-0003 Release 2 transposed by the ITU-T Study Group 20 was highlighted.

Poornima Shandilya, Team Lead at C-DOT, was presented with her award for her high-quality contributions to the oneM2M Technical Specifications – most recently to the oneM2M Release 4 service subscriber functionality. She played a pivotal role in representation of oneM2M in various standards forums in India.

“Our work at oneM2M towards cultivating a harmonious IoT ecosystem is to the benefit of the billions of people who use the ever-growing population of connected devices, machines and platforms every day. The individuals recognised at this years’ virtual awards ceremony are continually working towards making the mission of oneM2M - a global technical standard for interoperability – a reality,” said Roland Hechwartner, oneM2M’s Technical Plenary Chair.

“Our key project this year has been Release 4, which we see as “putting more tools in IoT developers’ toolboxes” and has been developed with our partners’ and members’ needs in mind. The efforts of the four awardees receiving these accolades have been priceless towards making our latest and upcoming release possible”, Mr Hechwartner continued.

The awards were presented following the outlining of the benefits oneM2M’s Release 4, which will support interworking between a range of industry verticals, including smart cities and Industry 4.0. The Release 4 IoT standard will enable medical equipment to accurately record the time of diagnostic readings, make it easier to locate connected devices and speed up the time it takes to develop new apps.

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